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Angels of HOPE - Various Projects

Banking Details

First National Bank                

Account Name:

South African Angels of Hope  

Branch Code:  210641

Cheque Account Number: ‪62564174474

Reference: Ramadhaan 2019

NPO Number: 138-575

PBO Number: ‪930052926

Must mention Lillah/Sadaqah etc.

List of Projects


1. Empower & Uplift

 The best way to reduce poverty is to empower those in need, meaning the poor.

We provide a start up to an unemployed individual, providing him/her with items which need to be resold. Once these items are sold, they need to come back to our charity shop and use the money made from the start up to purchase at a discounted rate in order to resell at a profit. Once they follow this process they would be able to earn a sustainable income. In doing this we believe that we would be giving hope and a step up to those who need it the most.


2. Library Project

 We collect reading books throughout the year and distribute to rural areas. We find sponsors to help us buy/build a library using steel cabinets or recycled filing cabinets. We then place them in Underprivileged areas, Orphanages, Old age Homes and schools. We are collecting the following gently used or new storybooks, Text Books & Study Aids. Materials need to be in good condition. Materials will be reviewed by library selectors for possible addition to the rural library's collection. Materials not added to the library's collection will be used towards our school bag project or it will be recycled for paper or donated to other organizations. Regretfully magazines & telephone directories will NOT be accepted. Alternatively, the approximate cost is R100 per book including plastic cover, library card and pocket.


3. Angels Of Hope Charity Shop

 Situated at 26 Apiesdoring Street in Heuweloord Centurion, Pretoria. Many people want to feel good by ‘paying it forward’. Our Charity shop allows for this kind of goodwill, while simultaneously contributing positively to society. You can make a huge difference without a hands-on involvement in our projects. Our charity shop provides an opportunity for everyone to purchase quality goods at an affordable price. In order for us to sustain the charity shop, we need the following new or gently used items to be donated to our charity shop on a regular basis. Children’s clothing, shoes all sizes. Unisex adult clothing & shoes all sizes, handbags, suitcases and costume jewellery. These items are cleaned if necessary, sorted, ironed & resold inexpensively to the general public. Everything in the shop is priced at R50 and below. We invite orphanages as well as old age homes to come and choose an outfit free of charge. All profits generated from the sale of these items are used towards various projects of Angels of Hope.


4. The Angel Project

We started this project in the hope of promoting, confidence, self-esteem and to instil the importance of community service and the value of giving back. The Angel Project is to assist young ladies who are unable to afford a dress for their matric dinner as well as brides who are financially challenged and come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. We support them with resources that may not have existed for them otherwise. The Angel Project provides each young lady with a complete outfit of her choice, as well as the use of our hairstylist and make-up artist who will help make her evening as memorable as possible. Help us spread the magic and make a young lady feel like an Angel for a Day by donating your new or gently used items in all sizes and styles. We would appreciate items, such as ball gowns, party dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses, eastern wear, bridal lingerie, high heel shoes, costume jewellery, hair accessories, clutch bags, hair spray, makeup etc.


5. Grocery Drive

This project runs throughout the year. We collect groceries and distribute to approximately 2000 underprivileged individuals, including orphanages and old age homes.


6. Homeless Shelter Feeding

We prepare 4 dhegs of food and serve supper to the homeless at Struben Street shelter every Monday throughout the year as well as 2 days per week during the month of June/July. That is 32 dhegs per month. Alternatively, you can sponsor any item on our list which is available on our website.


7. Soup Kitchen

The soup kitchen is run from my home every Tuesday’s and Thursday’s providing soup and bread for approximately 250 people per day.


8. Ramadaan Project

We collect gently used abayas and Kurthas and give to the underprivileged.


9. Winter Warmer Project – 1000 Blankets Required

This project runs from April until August, where we collect blankets, jackets, warm hats, gloves as well as hot water bottles. We distribute to approximately 1000 poor and homeless people during the cold winter nights.

10. Feeding Schemes
We have been running this project for 6 years, during the winter months. We provide grocery parcels to old age homes, orphanages, homeless shelters etc.

11. Yearly Community Supper
This project started 8years ago where we bring together many underprivileged communities for a day of fun, leading well into the night. We start with Hijab styling, with a free scarf, Face Painting as well as henna on the hands. A night under the stars, when no one goes hungry. This takes place once a year every 3rd week in Ramadhaan bringing together many communities in Newclare and Eesterus as well as surrounding areas. We cater for approximately 5000 people. Approx. cost per dheg is R4500, alternatively, you can sponsor any item on our list which is available on our website.

12. Clothing for Orphans
We collect new and gently used clothing and distribute them to orphans and poor families during the winter months. Alternatively, you can sponsor a full set of clothing for orphans\underprivileged at a cost of R500 per child.

13. Mandela Day Project
This project runs in the month of July, where we collect and distribute toiletry gift packs at various orphanages throughout Pretoria, Jhb and sometimes Durban.

14. School Bag Project
This project runs between October and January each year. We collect new and gently used school bags, stationary, toys and stuffed animals which we distribute to the poor and underprivileged. Last year we reached 3500 children and this year we are hoping to reach 4000 children in rural areas. (Detailed List available upon request)

15. The Blessings Bag
We collect basic can foods, bottled water, biscuits, as well as a few hygiene items, which we pack and distribute to over 2000 poor and needy people throughout the year.


16. Job Assist
We assist unemployed individuals in drafting and printing of a CV and registering online to help with finding a job.


17. Glasses for the Aged
We provide an eye test and glasses for the elderly in our community, if they are unable to afford.

We would like to be able to reach more underprivileged communities but due to the lack of funding, we are only able to reach a few. Thank you for taking the time to read through our profile. We are just ordinary people who are trying desperately to make a little difference in the lives of the less fortunate. People who are faced with extraordinary challenges every day of their lives. We as well as our recipients would be very grateful if you or your organisation would be able to assist us in our humble efforts.